Why Proven Strategies are Obsolete

Luke chapter 5 is blowing my mind.  Let me explain:  Verse 16  says “Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”  We know that He only did what the father showed Him to do.  Jesus withdrew in order to hear what the father wanted done. that was His entire strategy….
Later, in verses 37  & 38.  Jesus warned not to put new wine into old wineskins… Why?  New wine expands and stretches it’s container rendering it un-re-use-able.  Did you see that?  Although it proved successful, it shouldn’t be relied upon again.  We do that often don’t we?  We pray and receive direction from God once and find success… then we mindlessly re-use the strategy.  Or worse, we copy a someone else’s successful strategy…
We see in Isaiah 43:19 that God always intends to do a “new thing.”  Jesus’ example:  Withdraw often.  Discover the next “container.”  Ever wonder why proven methods don’t work for you?  He’s doing a new thing.  Figure out what He want’s done & get a new container ready.
Do you have a proven strategy?   It just became obsolete!

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